The Mystery of the Plate of Brass

Cast of Characters

William Caldeira (?-?) [sometimes reported as "Calderia"]

Genealogy research indicates this is William Francis Caldeira (6 Feb 1899-26 Apr 1959). He was the son of Joe S. Caldeira (born Aug. 1856) and Rose (Louisa) R. Caldeira (born Aug. 1869). William served in WW I. Willaim's brother, Joe (1895-1918) was killed in France in WW I.

Beryle Shinn (ca. 1911-1985)

Genealogy research shows Beryle Wilmot Shinn was born 26 Jan 1911 in Colorado. He was married by 1940 to Claire shinn (20 Oct 1913-13 Sept 1981). On 10 Mar 1974, he married Dorothy E. Ware. They were divorced on 29 Dec 1978 and remarried in Reno, NV on 28 Mar 1979. He died in Concord, California, leaving a widow, Dorothy, and two children: Cherly and Joel.

Herbert Eugene Bolton (1870-1953)

George Erza Dane (1904-1941)

George Haviland Barron (1870-1942)

George C. Clark (1874-1942)

Albert Dressler (1887-1980)

Lorenz M. Noll (1897-1962)

Dr. Vertress Lawrence (V. L.) Vander Hoof (1904-1964)


Chief William Fuller (1873-1958)


Charles Lewis Camp (1893-1975)


Dr. Edwin Earl Grabhorn (1889-1968)


Allen Lawrence Chickering (1877-1958)


Florence Emily Paganetti Schattl (1917-1999)


Carl Irving Wheat (1982-1966)


Leon O. Whitsell (1876-1966)


Robert Gordon Sproul (1891-1975)


James David Hart (1911-1990)


Lydia Clark (1882-1953)


Raymond Aker (1920-2003)


Robert W. Allen (1925-2016)


Edward Von der Porten (1933-2018)


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