Scout Trip to Sugar Loaf Ridge State Park


This was an end-of-school, low-key campout.  Ten scouts attended:

Dan A.

Chris R.
Dan W.
Steven V.
John M.
James R.
John H.
Eliot B.
Rustom D.

We left about 1 PM from the Church and arrived at the Park around 2 PM.  Campsites 22 and 23 were assigned to us.  After some frisbee and other games, we fixed dinner and enjoyed a campfire.  Sunday morning we cooked breakfast and took a hike up the valley and back down by the observatory.  We got back to the Albertsons parking lot around 12:15 PM.

We had the most amazing piece of firewood:  it was a complete stump of eucalyptus with a hole in the middle.  About 20" across, it worked as a flue and produced the hottest, most interesting fire most of us had ever seen.  If you get a piece of wood like this, don't split it:  take it on the next camp trip.

Note that the weather was beautiful.  It can be really hot up there, but it was about 80 degrees F in the day and nice and cool in the evening.

Thanks to the parents who drove:  Mr. Weil, Mrs. House, Mr. Mattern & Mr. Von der Porten.

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