Laird Nelson Tracks

These are the tracks described in Port of the Dragon by Nelson Laird

Open these in GoogleEarth or a similar program to see these tracks.

From Guatalco, Mexico KMZ 15°31'N 96°19'W

West 2100 Miles KMZ KML 15°31'N 127°46W

Magnetic North 2700 Miles KMZ KML 53°43'N 136°14'W

555 miles north to where can see Prince William Sound

West / North KMZ KML 2100 miles west, 2700 miles magnetic north, then to Prince William Sound = 5,355 miles

Able to see Prince William Sound 60°30'N 147°10'W

South part 1 KMZ KML 527 miles

South part 2 KMZ KML 795 miles

Sandy Point KMZ

Lummi Bay KMZ

Birch Bay KMZ

Total miles above 6,677

Outbund KMZ KML