Dave & Bill Hike

February 11, 2006


Bill and Dave have been leading hikes in the Sonoma Valley for 5-1/2 years.  On a great day like this, there was a

crowd of nearly 60 hikers.



Bill & Dave check on how many times hikers have joined their hikes.  At five hikes, you’re awarded a

bandanna with a map of Sugarloaf Ridge State Park on it.


The hike was 6 miles and 1,100’ of elevation gain.  The destination of the first part was this waterfall.




Bright mushrooms along the trail.

A nice arch of trees along the trail.








Dave leads and Bill takes up the rear.  The code to the trail is that the first flag marks the dividing point of

the trail an the second flag a few feet beyond marks the direction to go.  There’s a second flag just to the upper

left of the photo that tells us to go left!


The ages of the hikers were mid-20s to 87.  Here’s our senior hiker heading toward lunch with Bill.



The “sacred” maple tree.  Just a bit off our main trail




This is the lunch spot that’s called Indian Rock.


For more information on Dave and Bill Hikes, see http://www.sonic.net/~fmi/daveandbill.html


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